Spa Covers

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Spaeuro manufacture custom made covers to the highest specification in the industry. We are passionate that the materials we use are the best available and the manufacturing process we follow ensures the highest quality for the completed spa cover.

We will not skimp on material quality or cut corners in the manufacturing process to produce a cheaper low quality product. Our material is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors for overall longevity and year round beauty.

There are many grades of vinyl available today, not many are designed for outdoor use. Cutting back on the cost of the vinyl is a huge mistake.

Our covers are manufactured using CAD driven material cutting machinery and the vinyl is cut using automated machinery, giving our covers a very consistent product.

Our bar-code technology allows us to track the cover through the entire manufacturing process to delivery.

Below are images of all the colours and features of our spa covers.

**NEW** Vertex Safety Cover Inflatable Spa cover.
- 3 x Stronger. Requires only 10 psi to inflate. Withstands 500kg + snow load
- Vertex panels contain thousands of small fibers which stabilize the air for increased efficiency.
- The material is impervious to moisture and will not adsorb water like traditional foam.
- Easy to handle and ship, comes folded in a bag with pump included.
- Environmentally Friendly. Traditional EPS foam is a known environmental pollutant. Vertex uses recyclable materials, uses less energy for transportation and reduces operation cost of spa pool.
- Field Serviceable. In the event any component fails on the Vertex, 100% of the cover can be repaired in the field without returning to the manufacturer.
- How long will it last? These have been field tested for the last 4 years without failure. We expect the product to provide 10 years of service and comes with a 3 year warranty.
- Minimal maintenance. Every 6-8 months approximately 1 psi will need to be added to the inflatable bladder.
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